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Are  You  A  Passionate  Lover  ?



How passionately in are you?

Take Our Short Quiz to find out ...



Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) I would feel deep despair if my *love interest* left me.

a) yes, definitely

b) a bit

c) not really

d) not at all

2)Sometimes I feel I can't control my thoughts. They are obsessively on my *love interest*.

a) yes, all the time

b) no, I don't think about them much.

c) only sometimes

d) don't even remember

3) I feel happy when I am doing something to make my *love interest* happy.

a) yes, the whole time

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) never once


4) I would rather be with my *love interest* than anyone else.

a) yes, constantly

b) I'm not too sure yet.

c) well it depends.

d) no way

5) I'd get jealous if I thought my *love interest* were falling in love with someone else.

a) absolutely yes

b) depends on how desirable his/her crush is

c) a little

d) nope, we respect each other 's freedom

6) I yearn to know all about my *love interest*.

a) yes, everything

b) if he/she wants to say

c) not everything, a little privacy please

d) not interested at all

7) I want my *love interest*: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
a) yes, I love every aspect of him/her

b) not always

c) erm physically yes, emotionally and mentally not so much

d) not even physically

8) I have an endless appetite for affection from my *love interest*.

a) always

b) sometimes

c) not really

d) seldom

9) For me, my *love interest* is the perfect romantic partner.

a) yes, always

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) seldom

10) I sense my body responding when *love interest* touches me.

a) definitely

b) most of the time

c) depends on my mood for the day

d) seldom

11) My *love interest* always seems to be on my mind.

a) yes, every moment

b) most of the time,

c) when I am not too caught up with things

d) when I am have the urge

12) I want my *love interest* to know me -- my thoughts, my fears, my hopes.

a) yes, share everything about me

b) not everything

c) when I feel like sharing

d) Nope, he/she shouldn't know so much

13) I eagerly look for signs indicating my *love interest's* desire for me.

a) yes, always on the lookout

b) not always

c) if I can remember

d) not at all

14) I possess a powerful attraction for my *love interest*

a) yes, falling head over heels for him/her

b) mostly

c) when she/he is nice

d) not at all

Am I A Passionate Lover?


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