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A - Z  Love Gifts



Here's a list of A - Z romantic gifts for your loved ones on just any occasion ...  

  A - Albums, antiques, aphrodisiacs, artwork
B - Balloons, books, bubble bath
C - Candles, cards, CDs, chocolate, cookies, concerts, cruises
D - Diamonds, dining out, donuts
E - Earrings, e-cards, engagement rings, erotica, escape weekends
F - Films, flowers, furs
G - Garter belts, gemstones, gold, gourmet recipes and gadgets, guitars
H - Hats, Hawaiian vacations, heart-shaped things, honeymoons
I - Ice cream, incense, Italian vacations
J - Jazz music, Jamaican vacations, jewelry
K - Kiss coupons, kites
L - Licorice, lingerie, limousine rides, love poetry
M - Magazine subscriptions, movie tickets, music
N - Nature escapes, necklaces, nightgowns, novels
O - Opera, opals, ornaments



P - Perfume, picnic baskets, popcorn
Q - Quiet afternoons, quilts
R - Rings, roses, robes
S - Satin sheets, silk shirts and shorts, spas
T - Tickets, tents, time together, tools, t-shirts
U - Umbrellas, unconditional love
V - Vacations, vases
W - Watches, waterfall trips, weekend getaways
X - extravagant gifts and gestures
Y - Yachts, Yukon vacations
Z - Zoo, Zorro.


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