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 Birthday Romance



His/Her Birthday is around the corner. Run out of ideas as to how to make his/her birthday a memorable one? Read others ideas on how to have the perfect Birthday Celebration


Share your Birthday Experience Here!

  Over Rosebuds
For my boyfriend’s birthday I had a romantic dinner surrounded by candles, music and rosebuds on the floor. In the middle of all this was a small plastic bag with a little red slip (for me to wear), a red rose, and a little article that I cut out of a magazine that told how making love over rosebuds can stimulate all your senses. He got the hint and the best birthday ever!
~submitted by Amy

Pot Luck Present
My boyfriend turned 19 in January. The night before I got together 19 envelopes, and on the front of the envelopes, I wrote some inside jokes that I knew my boyfriend would love. On the inside of 18 of the envelopes I wrote, "Sorry, wrong Envelope!" The next morning I went to the store and got 19 helium balloons, and I tied one of the envelopes on the bottom of each. I then walked them over to where he works, gave him the balloons and told him that he could pick 5 of the 19 envelopes. If he got the one with his present in it, then he knew what his present was.. if not he would just have to wait and find out what it was later. He thought it was really cute!
~submitted by Babycakes

Not Forgotten
I have one of those “Don't make a big fuss” type of girlfriends. I was totally stumped for ideas for her birthday, even up until the actual day. But I had to find some way to show her how much she meant to me. I had come up with a great plan but found out we both had to work late! I was determined to make this special on a budget. So, when she came home around midnight from work, I had streamers and balloons on the front door, candlelight leading into the living room and soft music playing. I then had a HUGE birthday card that read all the mushy stuff. At the end of the card I instructed her where to sit and then appeared with her gift and champagne. I sang Happy Birthday and then proceeded to eat dinner and cake. She was totally shocked and got all teary eyed.
~submitted by D. P.


Meaningful Gift
This hasn't happened yet, but will within a month. A girl I really like is turning 21 soon, and she had told me she had never really celebrated her birthday or gotten anything special. Me being a romantic at heart started thinking about what I could do to change that. We have had a lot of ups and downs, even though we are good friends with one intimate, wonderful night in our past. She means a lot to me, she has helped me out a lot and cares a lot for me. So I decided to go through every song in my list of 5000 mp3s and pick out the songs that reminded me of her. I bought a nice notebook and wrote the lyrics of each song in them on one page, and on the next page I wrote a little something explaining why it reminded me of her, or of a time with her. On the cover I am putting little quotes from songs that also mean something, not the whole song. Finally, I put the songs on 2 CDs and made a cover and all to go with it. I have sent it to her parents who live on the other side of the world, where she will be on her birthday. She doesn't have a clue about all this, and I am pretty sure she will be very surprised and it would mean a lot to her.
~submitted by Gambit

Our Fairy Tale
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and since we can't celebrate that day, I've made it last through the week. For day one, I typed out our love story written as a children's fairy tale, with the same happily ever after. My illustrations are horrible, so wish me luck.
~submitted by Anonymous

Midnight Birthday Celebration
My Baby had just joined the army and being apart from him for the 1st time really drove me crazy and I missed him so much every day. So, when he came home on his birthday, I really wanted to show him how much he means to me. On the eve of his birthday, we decided to book into a posh hotel and spend the night there. Because of the early 'lights-out' in the army, he promptly fell asleep at 10 p.m. When midnight was nearing, I quietly woke up and placed tea lights all around the dark room. I then took out the mini birthday cake which I had secretly kept in the fridge. After changing into my white lingerie, I sat next to him and woke him up with the cake in my hand. Till this day, remembering that sleepy yet happy look on his face makes me smile.
~submitted by Judy

Nice Surprise
My 29th birthday fell in the middle of the week so I really didn't plan on celebrating it until the weekend. However, when I got home from work that day there was my husband waiting for me with a personal masseuse he had hired. The room was filled with candles and soft music, with the massage table and robe laid out waiting for me. My husband told me to relax and enjoy my massage while he cooked dinner. Enjoying my moment, I was totally unaware of his other plans. When the massage therapist finished, she told me to go look in my bedroom. There my husband had laid out an outfit for me. He entered the room dressed handsomely in a suit and told me to get dressed because the night was not over. After dressing, I came out to find a stretch limo waiting for me in the driveway. The limo whisked us off to a romantic evening that I'll never forget. It was the best birthday I have ever had... and in the middle of the week at that. I couldn't stop smiling the next day at work. When I asked my husband what made him do this... he said, “On your 30th you may have been expecting something big, so I wanted to make sure I truly surprised you on the 29th.”
~submitted by Anonymous

Pie Fight Fun
For my 30th birthday, my girlfriend decided to play an evil, but romantically fun prank on me. She told me not to come over until after 6pm that night, and that there would be instructions I had to follow. When I arrived there was a package with a note telling me to put on what was in the bag. It was a clown suit complete with an orange wig, baggy pants and big clown feet. I was then instructed to go to the cellar which was a laundry/all purpose room. It was dark with some candles. A chair was in the room with a sign marked "sit." I thought this was very strange. When she walked in the room I nearly fell over from shock and amusement. There she was, dressed as a female clown (very sexy I might add) rolling a table with 30 large cream pies! Some had fruit in them; others were cool whip in a graham cracker crust. Before I could say a word, she starting singing “Happy Birthday” with me getting a big pie in my face at the end of each verse. It was hilarious and even though I was the recipient of all the pies, I had a great time. I had pie all over and inside everything. After 20 minutes and 30 pies, we were both a sweet mess. I've never looked at a cream pie the same again.
~submitted by Marc

Movie Love Note
I had a nice idea for my girl's birthday some months ago. I bought a sheet of old-looking paper, and then I burnt the borders with fire and wrote a note on it. The note was about our story, and it was composed using titles of films that we love. It was in Italian, so I won't write it here. I asked her to read it, and every time she read a film title, I gave her a DVD of that film. At the end (and she was already crying) I gave her the real gift, a DVD player. She told all her friends how special my gift was! It was a bit expensive, but if you have the possibility, try it! It has a great effect!!!
~submitted by Darko

Outdoing Each Other
My husband and I were always trying to out do each other when it came to showing our love. On his birthday, I decided to rent a bill board off the highway. The only one I could get was down town and we lived on the opposite side so I decided to take him downtown to eat and to a basketball game. That evening as we drove down the highway, right where the bill board stood, the traffic was at a dead stop due to the thousands of Spurs fans trying to get to the game. He casually looked over to the left and saw this huge lighted bill board that read, "Happy Birthday Rick Trevino! I love you!" Love, Your Wife... He was so shocked and thrilled by it, that we woke up early the very next day just to go back and take pictures of it to put in our scrap book. What made it even more exciting for him was he got about ten calls from family and friends who saw the bill board!
~submitted by Anonymous


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