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 Christmas Romance



Love doesn't have a holiday. Love need not have to wait till Valentine's Day, on Wedding Day to celebrate it. Read how love couples stay in Love on this very special day, Christmas


Share your Christmas Experience Here!

  Missing You At Christmas
My boyfriend was away for Christmas and I wanted to let him know how much I missed him. The phone calls weren't enough, so I downloaded a whole bunch of songs that said I missed him, and mailed it to him. Every time I would call I could hear the songs in the background, so it brought many smiles to both our faces ‘till he returned.
~submitted by Fabianne

Jingle Bell Serenade
My boyfriend and I had just started dating. I was very excited to have someone to shop for on Christmas. A few days before Christmas he informed me that he hadn't had any money to get me a gift, but he made me something and wanted to bring it over to me on Christmas morning. I thought it was very unique and thoughtful of him to make me a present. So, on Christmas morning he called me and said he was right around the corner from my house. I heard the loudest noise coming from outside. I looked out of my window and saw my guy standing on the back of a trailer that was hitched to a truck with a microphone in his hand. He called for me to come outside. The trailer was very nicely decorated with wrapping paper, a comfy couch and a fake Christmas tree. He, along with a few other friends, started to serenade me and my family (who were outside video taping the whole thing) to quite a few Christmas carols. Then he dedicated a very special song to me and brought me up on the trailer. He then bent down on one knee and sang to me for the remainder of the song. It was the cutest thing in the world and the most appreciated gift I have ever received and probably will receive. He said the idea didn't cost him a thing, but a few working hours to get everything perfect for me...and on top of that he skipped Christmas morning with his parents to come and serenade me. That was the sweetest thing by far!!
~submitted by Anonymous

Holiday Spirit Surprise
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 8 months, and we are very much in love. This Christmas is his first one out of college and in his own apartment. While he was back in his home town for Thanksgiving Holidays, I called up his old roommate to see if he still had a key to his place. After I had retained the key, I went to Wal-mart and packed up on lots of cute Christmas decorations such as stockings, garland, peppermint canes, lights, a miniature Christmas tree complete with skirt, garland, ornaments, and a tiny angel on top, candles, and the beginning of a snowman collection. I also bought a tree skirt for when he gets a Christmas tree. Then, I went into his apartment the night before he came home and completely decorated it for Christmas. I laid the tree skirt where he wanted to set up his first Christmas tree. When he got home the next day, he was completely surprised that I had filled his apartment with Christmas spirit and also very grateful because with finals coming up he wouldn't have had much time to do it. Soon, we will get to pick out a tree and decorate it together. It was a great pre-gift for our first Christmas together.
~submitted by Brittney


Holiday Message in a Bottle
My boyfriend is a big sweetheart and I love making him things. They don’t cost much (if any money spent) but mean a lot to him when he opens it. Well, for Christmas last year I decided to write him a letter telling him exactly how I felt about him. I wrote my letter on a blank piece of white computer paper (hand written of course). When I was done, I crumpled it up, then opened it flat, and repeated that several times until it had that "old fashioned" look to it. Then I found an empty champagne bottle with a cork top. I rolled up my letter small enough to fit through the bottle opening and tied a piece of string into a bow around the letter. I then took a longer string, connected it to the bow and also connected it through the cork. (To tie it through the cork, dig a hole just wide enough for the string to fit. I used a paper clip end to make the hole.). When he opened it on Christmas, he pulled on the cork, and since the string was connected to the letter, that was pulled out along with it. He loved it and thought it was so sweet that I'd made him something he can open up and read when he needs to. He keeps it next to his bed now along with other presents I've given him. It’s just a cute little way to show him you care.
~submitted by Angie

Memory Book Cookbook
My boyfriend and I both love spending the night planning out a big meal. We hold hands while we go to the grocery store, pick out everything we need and then go back to his house to prepare and cook it together. This is our first Christmas together and I got him a "scrapbook" type photo album. On the first page I put a torn out recipe from a magazine that we enjoyed one night, and a pictures of us in the kitchen all messy and in the middle of a meal. It became a scrapbook of our relationship, to add more recipes and memories to as we continue cooking through the years together.
~submitted by Ashley

In His Kiss
For my honey's Christmas present, I had bought him things that I knew he wanted, and a few small little things, which were little inside jokes between the two of us. I wrapped them each individually and put them all in a tin box. I couldn't just have them floating around in the box like that, and Styrofoam packaging peanuts were just not going to cut it. So instead, I used chocolate kisses. And not just any chocolate kisses, for each kiss, I typed out one of the many reasons I love him and replaced the flags with these little pieces of paper. He hadn't even noticed the flags I had placed in it until I told him to open one. When he saw what I did, he immediately took me in his arms. He loved it, more than the gift I think :)
~submitted by Lexie

Love Ornaments
What you do is get clear round ornaments, open the top and slip pieces of paper inside with reasons you are in love with your partner. Or, write about great memories!
--submitted by StylishJess

Missing you movie
During Christmas, me and my beautiful girl Brooke plan to spend the holidays with our families. Well, we both had talked about presents and stuff and I had planned to surprise her with my presence on the day after but it just isn't going to work out. So I'm going to make her a video with the camera and tell her how much I miss her and how special she is to me.
--submitted by Brad

Homemade Teddy Bear Exchange
My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years, three of them have been long distance, because I am away at school. Because of this I am also always broke. So, as part of his Christmas gift I found a kit at Wal-Mart to make your own teddy bear. I hand-made him a teddy bear and made a little velvet vest for him and sewed a little heart to his bum. He thought it was really cute! Then for Valentine’s Day he decided to make me a matching one. It was adorable and so incredibly sweet! The funny part is that his is way better than mine!
~submitted by Dana

Journal Box
Last year for Christmas, I went out and bought my boyfriend a shirt and some other things, but I also wanted to make something special. I got an empty Nestle Quik container (the yellow ones) and cleaned it out. Then, I went through tons of magazines to find pictures and phrases that described our relationship. I covered the lid and container with these. Then, for the entire month of December I wrote little notes everyday about what I love about him, things we had done that day that made me happy, or other little things. I added some love poems and love quotes, each on a separate piece of folded paper. He loved it! It's still sitting on his desk!
~submitted by Amber


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