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  The reason god put spaces in between your fingers was so another person's hands could fill it up....                                                                                 ~Kemma  
  Loves like tough-of-war
both sides are pulling (ever1s standing) but then either ur love or his/her love gets deeper and one falls and they dump u cuz they fell outta love with you! 
  Don't say that you will promise to love someone and break that promise, cause some wounds will never be healed....                                       ~Broken h4art...  
  You know you're in love when all you can think about is that one special person and you can't stand to be away from them for more then one second. You fall asleep thinking about them, and dream about them every night...                                                                                                  ~Kemma  
  “I called you my angel, and in return you broke my heart, now I don't look forward to heaven any more than hell"                                                   ~Ricky  


  “You broke my heart and healed the wounds, but the scars will always be there”                                                                                                       ~Ricky  

You are all I think about day and night... I swear that your Mr. right... kiss me hard or kiss me soft, lay me down and touch me soft.                                ~Callie


Three little words every girl likes to hear from the one they love is "I love u" but it hurts when u come to find out that it ain't true!                           ~almost ur cinderella

  Love is like a fish wants you drop it its gone                                              ~Quetta  
  I Love You and I always will I'll Love You till forever ends                       ~aTypicalGeek  


Cute Love Quotes  1  2  3  4




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