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 Dating  Tips



Dating Do's and Don'ts are all you need to know to have a good start in your relationship. Find out how ...  

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First Date Do's and Don'ts

NEVER Take your date to see a movie (especially a drive in) on the first date. You need the first date to do all of the 'getting-to-know-each-other' stuff.

DO keep conversation going. Ask questions. Be interested in what he/she is saying. Even if they are talking about their bug collection....it is their passion so be supportive and listen.

DON'T take your date to a basketball, football, hockey, or any other kind of game UNLESS he/she agreed to go with you because of a shared interest.

DO Women (or at least the ones I know) like to have the door held and chairs pulled out for them. It is really nice when a gentleman does these things......For you women, if a man is gentleman enough to hold the door or pull out a chair for you...let him. He is just being polite, he is not doing it because he doesn't think you can.

DON'T hold hands or even kiss on the first date. Leave some mystery for the next dates. Plus, by NOT doing these things it shows that you are more interested in the PERSON than the BODY.


Sneaking Out
When you go to the movie theatre, while the movie is playing, tell your sweetie that you have to go to the bathroom. Instead, sneak outside and leave something in or on his car. For example: a card, flowers, putting a tape you made to start when he turns on the car... anything. After the movie is over and you go back to your car, he will find the surprise so act dumb like you don't know a thing. He'll love it.
~submitted by Klyn

Jar Of Ideas
My fiancee and I live in a small town where there is little to do, and when we would go out we would argue what there is to do and what to do. Now we have a date jar where we put in all our ideas for places to go and things to do and each week we pull out one slip and do whatever is on that slip.
~ submitted by Bridgette

Notice The Little Things
One night after I date I noticed that the fuel level in my girlfriend’s car was getting rather low. As she dropped me off at home, I asked her to call me the second she got home just so that I knew she got home safely. I also told her if she didn't call in 20 minutes I would come looking for her. It may only be a little thing, but all the small things count towards something.
~ submitted by Allan

A Memorable Toast
My fiancÚ and I went to a 25th wedding anniversary a few days ago. I sneaked up to the bar while he was in the bathroom and got 2 glasses of the champagne the couple toasted each other with (the bartender was quite generous about it when I told him what I intended to do with it). When my fiancÚ got back, he saw the champagne sitting on the chair in front of him. I raised my glass and said, "To Erik. May our marriage be as happy as this couple's is and may it last twice as long.” We toasted each other then. He thought it was really sweet.
~ submitted by Shavon

French Fries and Dress Up
I love dressing up but I'm on a strict student budget and can't always afford expensive dinners out, so my boyfriend and I often dress up, me in a dress, him in a suit, then go to a fast food restaurant and each have a combo. Then we sometimes go 5 pin bowling (it's always cheaper) and finish up the night by going to the discount movie theatre. Or, you can always check your local paper for amateur theatre productions or elementary school band concerts or plays. It's important to play the part too; we often make up a story about our riches and go window-shopping downtown and talk about the things we are going to buy. You can't really do this if you're overly shy, you do get a lot of weird looks but it's totally worth it. They have been some of the most romantic nights I've ever had!
~ submitted by Jennifer

Be a Little Creative
My boyfriend of 2 years and I recently went to a popular bar and grill for dinner. That night, they happened to have a balloon artist there making balloon sculptures for the kids. Well, my boyfriend excused himself to go to the bathroom, and when he came back, he handed me a yellow balloon daisy (my favorite flower) and a tiny red balloon ladybug (my favorite animal.) I had to give him a kiss for this sweet, creative gesture!
~ submitted by Lisa

May I See Your Tickets Please?
My girlfriend called to invite me to a movie she was going to with some of her friends. I sadly informed her I couldn't make it. I then proceeded to buy the largest polar bear our mall had, and went to the theater a few minutes after the movie started. I asked one of the employees to pull her and her friends out of the theater to "check their tickets." When they went out one door, I went in the other and put the huge bear in her seat and sunk down in the seat next to it. Needless to say she was completely surprised and pleased.
~ submitted by mykal

A Cute Gesture
I had just met a guy about a month ago and we went on a date. We would talk on the phone at night, and at school, we would meet each other at break and walk each other to our next class. One day, while we were walking in the halls to class, he asked me to hold his binder because he had to tie his shoe. I was watching him "pretend" to tie his shoe and was wondering why. Then I looked down at the binder that I was holding. On the front, on a piece of paper, it said "Will you go out with me?" There were little hearts everywhere and our intials joined with “+” all over. It was the cutest thing a guy did for me.
~ submitted by Anonymous

Concert beach ball
At any really big concert event, bring a beach ball and a permanent marker. Write love notes to your girl telling her how much you love her and how much she means. Then launch the ball into the crowd. You can both watch as people in the crowd keep the ball for a minute reading the messages before sending it back into the crowd. It's a great way to profess your love.
~ submitted by Lance

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Dinner Reservations
I was just forwarded this site that offers really great restaurant reservations for Valentine's Day dinner at the last minute for a fee. My husband couldn't help telling me and just got one. You can get a reservation for $40.00 at restaurants in New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. The website is Withreservations.biz.
~ submitted by Anonymous


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