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How Romantic Are You ?



 Do you believe in Love At First Sight? Do you believe love conquers all? Or you feel there is no room in your life for romance? Take our short online test to find out where you stand on the romantic scale.
Once you have answering all the questions, click the "My Romantic Scale?" button at the bottom.


Hope that the following 10 questions would be of help to give you a gauge of your romance quotient


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) The desire to share all your time with someone is an indication of love.

a) yes, definitely

b) I do agree but not 100%

c) partially true

d) not at all

2) You don't fall in love, you achieve love.

a) yes,

b) quite true

c) depends

d) don't understand

3) Getting butterflies in your stomach when you are near someone is an indication of love.

a) yes, always got that feeling when I am in love

b) most of the time the feeling comes

c) sometimes

d) seldom


4) It is impossible not to fall in love if you meet the right person.

a) yes, absolutely

b) usually that happens

c) well it depends.

d) Not too sure

5) Love is an indescribable feeling that overwhelms one person when they come into contact with another person.

a) Definitely yes

b) I do felt that at times

c) a little

d) rubbish

6) A perfect love means you are always satisfied with your partner.

a) yes, I agree

b) occasionally

c) sometimes

d) not at all

7) A marriage out of convenience can be successful.

a) yes,

b) not totally true

c) depends

d) never

8) True love is a once in a lifetime occurance.

a) yes I believe so 

b) usually

c) not really

d) Not true

9) True love is not based on physical attraction.

a) yes, true beauty exudes from the inner soul

b) I kind of agree

c) a balance of both inner and outer beauty

d) is based on physical attraction

10) Lovers are often blind to what goes on around them.

a) yes

b) quite true

c) not always

d) seldom


My Romantic Scale?



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