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Is He Your Dream Guy ?



Is He Your Dream Guy?

How do you know if he might be your dream guy? There are some things to observe before making that assertion. For those traits that you feel a guy should have, write them down. Narrow it down to the 5 or 6 that you absolutely must have, then pass the written list as well as the list below to a trustworthy friend. If you happen to side track because he has a glib tongue, she'll let you know that, oops! you forgot about his lack of integrity.


Hope that the following 12 questions would be of help to you to determine if he is the Guy you have been waiting for all your life.


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) He has admirable integrity.

a) yes, definitely

b) a bit

c) not really

d) not at all

2) You respect him as a person and as a man.

a) yes, all the time

b) no, I don't think so

c) only sometimes

d) don't even remember

3) He respects you as a person and as a woman.

a) yes, even when we quarrel

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) never once


4) He treats you with respect.

a) yes, constantly

b) I'm not too sure yet.

c) well it depends.

d) no way

5) He makes you feel beautiful.

a) Definitely  yes

b) depends on his mood for that day

c) a little

d) nope, never before

6) He makes you feel special.

a) yes, almost all the time

b) occasionally

c) sometimes

d) not at all

7) He makes you feel important.
a) yes, I mean the world to him

b) not always

c) when he needs my help

d) not that I can remember

8) He's proud to introduce you to his family and friends.

a) always 

b) sometimes

c) not really

d) seldom

9) He's happy to spend money on you, and likes to buy
you gifts--not necessarily expensive, just thoughtful.

a) yes, always surprises me with gifts

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) seldom

10) He does things to help you solve problems, and wants
to make your life nicer and easier.

a) definitely

b) most of the time

c) when he is in good mood

d) seldom

11) He's responsible with money.

a) yes, he thinks twice before spending

b) most of the time,

c) occasionally

d) he got no savings at all

12) Most important: Your intuition, your gut, your Inner Wise
Woman says "yes, this is the one."

a) yes, my intuition always yearn for him

b) not always

c) when I needed someone by my side

d) No

Is He My Dream Guy?


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