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i'll never . . .



One their second date, they decided to watch the sunset down at the lake, the only company they had were the wave crashing on the short and the mysterious glowing of red and orange sky that slowly appeared before them. Both were silent for the moment, just staring out into the openness, the warm gentle breeze allowed her hare to flare behind her, he couldn't help but turn his head to stare. She looked like something out of his dreams, could she be the one, he wondered. She turned to him and asked what are you staring at? She had gleam in her eye, she knew. The two of them smiled innocently, and began to converse, they shared stories of good times and wild ideas they had, but after there was only bad experiences. Each of them took there turn to listen to one another stories of heart aches, but his never compared to hers, she had definitely been through a lot more than he ever could imagined. He wondered how much heart ache can one person endure? If that was him, he would have gave up by now, and become a monk. She told him that she had not seen anyone for years until he can along. She continued to tell about how bad she had it years ago and that she figured she never be open up again, but she also said that he was different, a person she felt she could open up to.


As she spoke, a tear fell from her green eye, he broke eye contact, and watched it fall down her soft cheek, around the corner of her lushes lips and watched it fade into her skin as it roll on to her young neck. She paused her story, she could help by notice he wasn't paying attention to her. She was afraid she'd upset him with something she said, or that she was rambling on and that he lost interest in her. One more tear dropped from pooled green eyes, and followed the same trail as the one from before, there was dead silence among the two, she started to feel uncomfortable with him. She could feel the pools about to overflow when he lifted his head and his eyes locked to hers, but never say a word. He waited for the right moment, raised his steady hand to her soft face and grabbed stole her tear before it trespassed upon her angel skin, and pulled it away, he raised his finger in front of her, and then spoke in the most caring tone she had never heard any others say to her, "I Never Let You Fall, and if you allow me, I will show you what that means"

Those were the last words spoken that night, words can only describe so much, actions speak louder...

You have two choices now:
1. Delete this.

2. Invite Love into your life!

Hope you will choose 2. I did.






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