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Spending Quality Time Together

by Anonymous


- Go for a beach trip together. If possible, go to a less crowded beach and just bask in the sun or enjoy a swim in the ocean.

- A long car drive, with good music playing is certainly a cool activity. If you have a open sports car, it will be all the more fun.


- Go on a trek. Pack a lunch, and leave early in the morning. Just the two of you trekking in the nearby hills. Have lots of conversations and enjoy quality time together.

- Theme parks are fun. Why don't both of you go to one? It will be really fun to enjoy all the rides together, especially the roller-coasters. Have a super day.

- Evening time and nothing to do? Rent some of your favorite movies, arrange for popcorn and fruit punch, and watch the movies together. Switch off your phone, so that no one disturbs you.

- How about preparing dinner together at home? This will be fun for both of you. Be lavish. Prepare a 3-4 course meal and arrange the table perfectly, as if you were in a nice hotel. Candle-light will enhance the ambience.

- Sign up for a dance class. Salsa is best for couples. Dancing will increase the proximity between both of you and ensure that you have a great time.

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