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A True Love Story :
Blame The Ducks

by Anonymous


I had gotten to where i had given up on meeting a real man much less a real gentleman, yet one day as i checked my e-mails i came across this one that i figured what the heck. as i answered this e-mail i didn't think twice about it...then we chatted a few times through e-mail till we decided to meet at the local park.

as i drove to meet this man i thought well it can't hurt and more than likely i won't see him again...when i pulled up he was sitting in his 67 ford mustang talking to a duck...i giggled and asked him why he was talking to the duck and his reply was yes...i parked my car, got out and he met me then asked would you like to walk or sit somewhere...i said walk. we got down the walk-way then stopped and chatted


As things got further along in the next month we got very close so much so that he proposed to me on thanksgiving day 2006 at my daughters' house, everyone knew but me. now we are to be married in may 2007.

i couldn\'t have asked fora better man and gentleman...he is the best thing that has happened to me since my four children and four grandbabies...god does answer prayers.

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