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Lve Test For Married Couples



Love Test for The Married Couples

Has your marriage hit the rocks? Have you become roommates who simply share expenses, chores and the same bed? Has the love which was once so deep fades? Is it possible to revitalize your relationship? Take our test and find out.


Hope that the following 10 questions would be of help to ensure that you and your life partner are still in love with each other ...


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) I focus on my partner's best qualities.

a) yes, definitely

b) most of the time

c) not when I'm angry

d) not at all

2) I never nag or complain because I know it creates disharmony.

a) yes, I am aware of that all the time

b) when he does the right things I don't

c) only sometimes

d) don't even remember

3) I look forward to going to bed with my partner and at least cuddling.

a) yes, always

b) most of the time

c) when I am not too tired by work

d) never once


4) I enjoy doing fun things with my partner.

a) yes

b) most of the time I must admit

c) not always enjoyable

d) no way

5) I love it when my partner touches me throughout the day.

a) It turns me on

b) as long as he/she doesn't go overboard

c) depends on my mood for that day

d) nope, never before

6) I do creative things to keep the romance alive.

a) yes, almost all the time

b) I tried to whenever I got the time

c) sometimes

d) not at all

7) I only say flattering things about my partner to others.
a) yes, I watched what I say to others

b) not always, I can be truthful depends on who I share it with

c) only when he/she treats me well

d) not that I can remember

8) I speak kindly toward my partner when wešre out in public.  

a) always

b) I tried to make it a point

c) when I can still control myself

d) I don't even care

9) I look for ways to help my partner around the house.

a) yes,

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) seldom

10) I love being married to my partner.

a) definitely, I share with all my friends and colleagues how unbelievably fortunate I am to have found  him/her

b) I still never regret

c) not too sure if I am really happy

d) I'm not happy in my marriage


My Marriage Score ?



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