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Lve Test For Newly-Weds



Love Test for The Newly-Weds

What are the things needed to do for a relationship to maintain it's sparks? Take our test and see how you fare. If you fare poorly, it only means you need to start doing new things to bring back that spark that once make you fell in love. Print out the questions and paste them on your bedroom mirror so that both of you can be constantly  reminded to stay in love...


Hope that the following 10 questions would be of help to ensure that everyday is a wedding day for you and your soulmate ...


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) I tell my partner all the reasons why I love them.

a) yes, definitely

b) when I feel like it

c) not really

d) not at all

2) I compliment my partner.

a) yes, all the time

b) when he does the right things

c) only sometimes

d) don't even remember

3) I appreciate and thank my partner for what they do for me.

a) yes, always

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) never once


4) Instead of nagging, I make my requests with loving sensitivity.

a) yes, constantly

b) I tried to, many times

c) well it depends.

d) no way

5) I flirt with my partner in lots of creative ways.

a) Definitely  yes

b) depends on my mood for that day

c) a little

d) nope, never before

6) I do thoughtful, loving things for my partner

a) yes, almost all the time

b) occasionally

c) sometimes

d) not at all

7) I'm considerate of my partners needs and desires.
a) yes, I give in to him/her mostly

b) not always

c) only when he/she treats me well

d) not that I can remember

8)  I touch my partner in loving ways.  

a) always 

b) sometimes

c) not really

d) seldom

9) I plan fun activities for my partner and I to do together.

a) yes,

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) seldom

10) I let others know how lucky I am to have found my partner.

a) definitely, I share with all my friends and colleagues how unbelievably fortunate I am to have found  him/her

b) most of the time

c) when I can remember

d) seldom


How Do I Fare?



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