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Lve Test For Parents



Love Test for Parents
Many times, romance is ignored when the children comes into this world: Too tired, too busy, no privacy were just some of the common excuses. That's a first step to disaster because without romance, the love usually withers. To keep your relationship loving and strong, you need to make romance a priority. Why not model for your children just how important it is to Love? That's a gift that will serve them well for their entire lives.


Hope that the following 10 questions would be of help to ensure that you and your life partner are still in love with each other ...


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) My partner and I go on a date without the kids at least once a week.

a) yes, definitely

b) most of the time

c) not when I'm tired

d) not at all

2) My partner and I make love at least once a week.

a) yes, we both make it a point

b) most of the time we could

c) only sometimes

d) don't even remember

3) My partner and I touch and kiss in front of the kids.

a) yes,

b) most of the time

c) we don't usually do it

d) hardly


4) My partner and I sleep naked or in something that is attractive to each other.

a) yes

b) most of the time when the children have slept or are not around

c) too busy for that

d) no way

5) My partner and I go away for weekends away from the kids at least every few months.

a) Yes, we allocate time for ourselves

b) a few times a year

c) once a year

d) nope, seldom

6) My partner and I flirt and tease even if the kids are around.

a) yes, we are open with that

b) yes we do but we limit the frequently of it

c) sometimes

d) not at all

7) I make my partner feel important to me, no matter how demanding the children might be.
a) yes, I assure him/her of my undying love

b) most of the time

c) only when he/she treats me well

d) not that I can remember

8) When my partner and I spend time alone we make a point not to talk about the kids too much. 

a) always

b) I tried to make it a point

c) when I can still control myself

d) We do talk about our kids still

9) In front of the kids, my partner and I are a committed unit who respects each other.

a) yes,

b) most of the time

c) sometimes

d) seldom

10) My partner and I let our children know how much we love each other

a) definitely, I share with them how unbelievably fortunate I am to have found mummy/daddy

b) yes we do share at times

c) seldom

d) Never talk about such stuff


My Love Score ?



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