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Who says Love fades after marriage. Run out of ideas as to how to spice up your marriage life again? Read couples' ideas as to how to live everyday like the day they married ...


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  One Rose For Our First Year
It was our one-year wedding anniversary. I went to work, and found one rose on my desk, for one year of being married, attached was a little note, saying, “This is your first surprise. Come home to me and you'll find your second.” When I got home, he took me out to a romantic candlelight dinner. When we were done, he had me change into a beautiful, sexy piece of lingerie and then I got a full body massage from head to toe from him!
~submitted by Anonymous

Naked Tuesday
Designate one day out of the week as naked night. I'm normally a t-shirt and boxers kind of girl when it comes to bedtime but recently my husband and I have started what we call naked Tuesday. It's especially fun when you've forgotten that it's "that" day and you climb into bed and are able to feel that your partner is not wearing his/her normal pajamas!
~submitted by KY

Making Marriage Work
My husband and I have been married for almost 9 years and at least once a week, I leave him I love you's on everything. At night, after he's in bed, I write I love you with soap or lipstick all over the bathroom mirror, and when he gets up in the morning it will be the first thing he sees. I also stick I love you notes on the counters and always write a sweet letter and stick it in his truck on the steering wheel, for him to see when he leaves for work. The little things make marriage work!
~submitted by Keymin


Morning Wake-Up Routine
Every morning, just before my husband gets up, I make sure to get up before he does, start a pot of coffee, and bring him a cup just before he gets up to go to work. I serve it to him with a smile and give him a great big kiss and hug. He loves it!
~submitted by Natasha

Our Private Time
My husband and I have very hectic work schedules, plus I am attending college full-time AND we have his two children with us from his previous marriage. Finding time for us is quite a challenge. Each night after the children are in bed and before we go to sleep, we lie in bed and talk about our day, tickle each other, or love each other. No matter how tired we are we take advantage of our private time in any way possible just to connect for the day and keep in touch with each other.
~submitted by Lori

Make a Short Video of Yourself
I videotaped myself reading a poem for my wife and daughter, of my love for them and how much they meant to me. I included on the tape two of our favorite songs along with video footage of our wedding and when our daughter was little and walking, talking and more. When I looked over she was sobbing and our now 5-year old daughter was also in tears. They both loved it and said it was the best present they ever got!
~submitted by Anonymous

On Screen Love Messages
During the day when my husband is at work and I'm at home I will leave little love messages on the screensaver on our computer. This way he knows that even when he is gone I'm still thinking about him.
~submitted by Dee

Massage Therapy for Two
My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years. We have 2 wonderful boys. He has his own business and I work almost full time. I have the most wonderful in-laws a person could have. Every Friday night they have my kids over, leaving my husband and I to figure out how to make the most of the night. I have been undergoing massage therapy due to a car accident I was involved in. In doing so, I decided to try out on my husband what I had learned. We have a king size poster bed that I have draped in sheer scarves, candles everywhere, and a music CD for massage therapy with ocean sounds. I went to a local lingerie shop where I bought silk, rose-scented petals and placed them all over the bed. I heated up some "hot rocks" (rocks typically used in water fountains and candle arrangements) in the crock-pot, and we ordered take out which we ate by candle light by the fireplace. We danced a little and proceeded to my massaging him with a light, hot oil and the hot rocks. He told me the next morning that he slept better than he had in a long time. We connected in a way that we haven't in a long time.
~submitted by Sheri

Never Say Never
What makes a relationship sound is when both partners learn to respect each other, My wife and I normally have differences but one thing I learned was never to say never. There are times when both of you will be cross at each other because it is human, but if you really care for each other you must learn to forget and this brings about forgiveness. When your partner annoys you, you don’t have to sleep over it without resolving the difference, that is love. And on your wedding day, remember, you promised each other for better and for worse, that is why you don’t have to say never.
~submitted by Rossi

Morning Message of Love
Every morning I write on the bathroom mirror a little love note with the soap bar. It makes my wife’s day every day. It puts a smile on her face and makes my day easier because I know that she happy.
~submitted by Jameel


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