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Quick Romantic Ideas


By Anonymous


Was reading your website - very sweet... thought I'd share some of my ideas...

1. My fiancÚ used to travel a lot for work... staying in different hotels often. When I knew he was going to be in the same hotel for at least a week... I posted him a note telling him how much I love him and can't wait to have him home again. I sent it to the hotel address... with his name of the front followed by "(hotel guest)" and a big "confidential" across it. It was such a nice surprise for him to get back to the hotel after a day of work and find a surprise envelope waiting for him in his room.

2. In this age of texts... I change it slightly to make it a little more romantic sometimes. When at work I write on a post-it note "I love you so much" or draw a love heart with out initials in it... something short and sweet... and then take a photo of it with my mobile. I then Pixt it to him... so at work in the middle of the day he can have a surprise little love not... and in a way that his work mates need never know!



3. My fiancÚ and I have flat mates - so it's hard to do super romantic gestures sometimes... but last valentines day I moved our bedroom around so that there was room for a little table and chairs in it. I put fairy lights up around the ceiling, and red and white balloons in the corners. covered the table with a white table cloth, and set candles up around the room... and cooked him his favorite dinner. Got dressed in my little black dress... and waited. When he got home from work he walked into the bedroom to find a romantic private getaway. He loved it... and the flat mates never even knew it had happened!

4. Each time I have a shower and I know my fiancÚ is in ear range, I turn of the water and call "ehem... ehem!!!" to get his attention (in a cute non-demanding way of course!). He'll then come into the bathroom... get me my towel... open the shower door for me... wrap me up in the towel and give me kisses and cuddles before going back to what ever he was doing at the time. And I of course... he always "ehem"s for me to do the same for him too. This little display of affection shows that we make time each day to show how much we care... it means a lot to both of us even though it only takes a minute or so each day.


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