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 Romance For Her



Here are some romantic tips and ideas for your " her " . If you conscientiously practice instead of preaching the below list of ideas, you'll be sure that she will love you even more ...

  Send bouquet of Roses with a love note.

Read out romantic/erotic poetry to your Valentine

Brush or comb her hair

Let her sleep while you watch over the children

Don't buy a card, rather make it yourself (& it works).

Prepare Valentine cake in the shape of HEART.

Give her/him a nice sensuous message.

Just lie on the beach and star gaze.

Exchange a list containing each other's likes and dislikes.


Start saving for a special holiday fund for the two of you

Just take time out to express your feelings, thoughts, fears and even fantasies to her..

Sketch something for your sweetie pie.

Propose your her again.

Take a long walk holding each other's hands.

Cook a special dish (If it's your first attempt, keep those antacids handy).

Arrange a special Valentine's dinner for your parents (at least an hours drive from home) and arrange a Valentine bash, for her at your house.

Prank: Give your valentine the keys of your new car and then tell her that it's the only the keys you can afford now.

Kiss and Hug her often.

Write a sincere, wonderful love letter.

Buy a nice set of lingerie/briefs.

Take her out for a dance.

Leave a small gift hidden in some corner of home with clues to its where about.

Take her out for a long romantic drive.

Decorate the house especially for her on Valentine's Day.

List down twenty-five things that you like about her and fifty things that you don't like.

Visit a place where she always wanted to go, but never got the chance.

And finally, whatever you do, just let your hair and your defenses down, and enjoy each other's company.

Sure you can think of many more romantic tips to show your love - this should give you some good ideas!

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