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 Setting The Mood



 Setting The Mood for Intimate Romance is just as important as having romance itself. Below are some quick guides that hope it would be helpful in assisting you to create the perfect mood and ambience for some intimate moments with your true love ...  
  Never expect sex to develop as a result. Do it for the sake of massage. If anything, that'll arouse your partner more, especially if they're expecting something sexual to happen. Massage is as much about the mood as it is about the touch. - Chas

Get comfortable. If you are sitting in an odd position and can't be comfortable and relaxed, then your hands will tense, which will cause you to do most any massage wrong. - Heather

Make sure you have all the time in the world. You never know where it may lead. Don't expect anything in return. A great massage should be as enjoyable for you, just giving it to your partner. Plus, they will probably feel very drained and may end up going to sleep, which is very understandable, realizing the pleasure they have just received. Music and lighting are very important. A nice fire would be perfect. Warm up your body and your mind. Warm hands are much more soothing. - Rick


When massaging your loved one, you must remember to concentrate. Think of all the reasons that person makes you feel so good. If you do this, it will make the experience satisfying for the both of you. - Cat Rncddn

When massaging your partner, visualize making love to them as you do so. That way, you will give it your all. - Judi Karr

Learning Tai Chi can greatly improve your massage technique. This ancient Chinese method teaches balance and control of the body's center of gravity. When your body is in balance while giving massage, you will tire less easily, and the flow of your movements will be orchestrated better. Your partner will feel the difference as you find new confidence and add reassurance to your movements. This builds trust which is an essential ingredient in all bodywork.

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