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 Valentine's Day



Valentine's Day is a Celebration of Love it is a day to tell your loved ones how unbelievably fortunate you are to have him/her by your side ... Let's read the Love Experiences of many of our love birds


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  Book of Reasons
I'm really into scrapbooking and wanted to make something crafty for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He's always asking me why I would choose him. So, I bought a small 6x6 scrapbook and on the 1st page put "101 Reasons Why." I printed out 101 different reasons why I love him and put them in different colors and fonts. I put 3 or 4 on each page of the scrapbook, along with pictures of us together scattered throughout the book. It takes a lot of time & scrapbooking supplies, but it’s great for him to refer to when he wonders WHY I love him!
~submitted by Sabrina

Buried Treasure
I took my love to the beach for Valentine’s day. For a little spice, I took a small chest, wrote a poem on a heart shaped piece of paper, and placed it in the box. I also placed petals from a rose, candy hearts and a ring. I went to the beach before hand and buried the chest under the sand. When I took her to the beach later that night, I blindfolded her and took her to a spot where I had a blanket and some candles in the sand. After we ate, I told her to start digging with a plastic shovel and she found the chest. It was a very romantic night.
~submitted by Anonymous

Blanket of Memories
Our 1-year anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something crafty. First, I bought black and red fleece, his favorite colors. Then I gathered about 14 pictures of us, our friends, homecoming, his favorite people, and stupid moments. I printed each one on a separate piece of iron-on printer paper. Next I ironed the photos onto plain white fabric and scattered them about the red fleece. I sewed the pictures onto the fleece, and finally I cut and tied the ends of the red and black fleece together to complete the blanket. It took me a full week to complete the blanket, but it was well worth it. He sleeps with it every night as a daily reminder of my love and still a year later tells me how much he likes it.
~submitted by Ashley

Book of I Love You's
Last Valentine’s day, I had no idea what to do for my boyfriend, while I was searching on the web, I thought of an idea. I made him a book, and for everyday we had been going out there was a different reason why I loved him, on the front cover was a poem. I decorated it with heart stickers, and tied it together with a ribbon. He loved it; he still keeps it on his desk beside his bed, and reads it all the time.
~submitted by Jemie


Blacklight Paint Night
I surprised my boyfriend of nearly 4 years last Valentine's Day by buying a backlight light bulb and some white body paint. I had replaced the light bulb prior and set up several white objects and a sheet to cover the floor. The more whites and fluorescents you use, the better. We had a fun, original night getting to know each other with upbeat music, paints and black lighting. My boyfriend marveled at the unusual thought and participated enthusiastically. You can even use whipped cream in a can instead of paint.
~submitted by Sam

Box of Everything
My boyfriend is one of those guys who has everything, so holidays - especially Valentine’s Day - are something I dread shopping for! So this year, I'm going to make him a basket of little things - some love boxers, body chocolates, a love book, and plenty of candy! I also made a coupon book that has coupons for massages, baths for two, fantasy nights, and a night at home with his favorite food for dinner. The last thing I did was get two identical boxes - one will have a sexy nightie in it, the other nothing. I'm going to let HIM choose what I wear that night - although it will end up nothing either way!
~submitted by DM

Boxes Are Fun!
For my sweetie on Valentine's Day this year, I bought him an Air Force Charm and a gold necklace. Here is how I wrapped it: first I took the necklace out of the box and put in a note I wrote on a little paper heart saying, “Ha ha, fooled you!” On the other side of the heart I wrote, “now you have to find it. HINT: it’s on me somewhere.” Then I wrapped the box up in white tissue paper, applied red lipstick, and kissed the tissue paper. It was really cute. I then took that box and put it into a slightly bigger box. I cut up 69 little hearts and wrote cute things on them like I love you and you're the one for me and a few others then wrapped that box up. Then finally, I put the wrapped boxes inside a big box. I bought 3 bags of chocolate kisses and drew a little heart on each kiss and then filled the box with them. I then wrapped that box up and tied a huge bow onto it. Hopefully he will like it!
~submitted by K

Book of ABC's
My freshman year of college I didn’t have much money for Valentine's Day, but I wanted to show my boyfriend how much I loved him. I bought a binder and some construction paper and created an alphabet book for him. I began at A and came up with something special between us for each letter of the alphabet. He absolutely loved it, and so did all my friends ... many girls in my dorm ended up making similar gifts for their boyfriends that year!
~submitted by Joy

Blanket of Comfort
This isn't actually what I personally did, but my brother. For his one year anniversary with his girlfriend, he wanted to get her something nobody else could (especially since she has enough money to get anything she wants). She's a huge fan of Superman, so he (yes, my brother) made her a "Superman quilt." He actually quilted a 6x6 blanket with the 3 Superman colors on the outside working their way to the center, which had the signature Superman "S." He gave it to her by blindfolding her and taking her on a picnic, and used that quilt for them to sit on. She loved it, and they're still dating going on 2 years.
~submitted by Kelly

Book of Poems
I was in a long distance relationship and wanted to do something for my boyfriend. So, every day from Jan 14 - Feb 14, I sent him a love poem. Then I printed off all the poems or songs on decorated paper and glued them all in a book. I had a picture of us drawn to put in the back. Then I closed the book with red ribbon. He still reads the poems over and over again. It was fun and cheap!
--submitted by Angela


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