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 Wedding Anniversary



 Love should not fade with age. Instead, it should blossom with it. Read how love couples stay in Love even after being married for many years ...


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  Anniversary Picture Collage
For my wonderful boyfriend on our first anniversary (dating), I bought a cheap black picture frame and then took a bunch of pictures of just the two of us (mostly ones we had skillfully taken ourselves) and cut them out. Then I pasted them onto a piece of construction paper. On the back of the construction paper I wrote what each picture was and when it was taken. Then, to top it off I wrote “Happy Anniversary!” at the top and "in just one year you've become my best friend..." and things like that. It was really cute and he loved it! It's in his room where everyone can see it!
~submitted by Leslie

Anniversary Recovery
For all the years that my girlfriend and I were together, our fifth anniversary was the first time that we could be together. But the sad part of the story is we had just broken up two weeks prior to it. Although we had broken up, I decided to continue with the anniversary plans I had for her with a surprise that she will never forget. The night before the anniversary, I gave her a package and told her to open it at up at exactly 3:30 am only at the stairs at her home (where I could see her while hiding). I left her that night making her feel that it was just an ordinary gift. At 3:30 am, she opened my present and, you know what, I never saw her smile that way to see a recorder, a tape and a headset. I had my message taped there which reminded her of how much she means to me and how much I wanted her back. I saw her smiling and crying at the same time. At the end of the message, I told her to open the door because this guy's heart is knocking out loud. She ran to the door saw me wearing a very nice black suit and carrying a bouquet of red roses. She hugged me in tears. But, that's not the end of my surprise. I told her that I had a question which she didn't have to answer that day. While still hugging, I carried and turned her around and she saw a large streamer painted in red which said, "Will you love me again when the right time comes?" Believe me, the rest of the day was amazing!
~submitted by Jinks

Anniversary Road Trip
One our one-year anniversary my husband made me get in the car, but he wouldn't say where we were going. He proceeded to drive me all over the state to all the places that have been important in our relationship. (Where we met, our first apartment, the coffee shop we went to on our first date.) I never expected it, and he'll never top it. I couldn't believe he remembered some of the really trivial places.
~submitted by Mandy


Anniversary Love Frame
On our first year anniversary, I had practically no money to buy a great gift. So, I went out and bought a cheapie picture frame, and some wooden plain hearts on sale. I painted the frame a shade of red, and the hearts two other shades of red. On the sides of the frame I wrote little endearing things, like a line from our song, or his favorite poem. After I was done, I put our favorite picture in the frame. When I gave it to him the look on his face was priceless! It is now hanging in his room, right across from his bed. Every time you walk into the room it is the first thing that you see, and I thought I was being sappy...
~submitted by Squishie

Anniversary Luau
Our one year anniversary was coming up and I wanted to do something EXTREMELY special for my wonderful man. It took me about a week until I figured out what I wanted to do. Being islanders, we both love to attend luaus. So I told him we were going to dinner for our anniversary, but he had to wear a pareo (sarong). He was a little shocked, but he played along anyways. I then blindfolded him and took him to my house. The night before, I had set up a luau inside. I placed an umbrella table in our living room under a sheer drape that flowed over the umbrella to create a very tropical look. I then ordered Hawaiian food from a local restaurant, and lit fifty candles all around the room. I also hand made the leis. My close friend and her Hawaiian group sang and danced for our own private luau! His face was priceless, and he said it was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever done for him!! I still get comments on it!
~submitted by Domi

Anniversary Month Gift Idea
My boyfriend and I had been dating for a couple of months. Well, on one of our anniversary's I got an old shoebox and painted it with our favorite color. I lined the inside with black velvet. I put half a bag of Hershey’s kisses and little inexpensive crimson red glass hearts in the inside. Also, I printed out two pages of "things about me" and cut them into strips, and put them inside the box. I gave kisses and hugs to my friends to eat, and had them save the little "kiss" and "hug" tags from each candy – I glued those on the outside. I made a little love poem to glue on the outside which read, "In this box, made out of my love for you, / I've enclosed many kisses and hugs from me to you. / Whenever you feel like you are alone, / And you are unable to reach me by phone, / Open the box and steal a hug or kiss / And remember that you too, are really missed."
~submitted by Angelissa

Anniversary Scavenger Hunt
On our two-year anniversary, I planned a scavenger hunt for my husband. I had a watch box wrapped and when he opened it, he found 2 tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Underneath the tickets was a note that said Clue #1. Inside the folded note was a rhyme that told him where to go for the next clue. The clues led him several places (including getting a clue from my parent's cat, attached to his collar) with the final destination the restaurant where we had our dinner reservations. The waiter (who was the final clue) came to the table with a heart shaped balloon arrangement that I had bought, with a gift certificate attached to the bottom. The gift certificate read, "For being such a great husband, you are entitled to 4 days and three nights at a Bed & Breakfast in San Antonio, TX." (San Antonio is one of his favorite places.) I had already arranged for the time off work with his boss. Upon arrival in San Antonio, I had the owners of the Bed & Breakfast set up in our bedroom rose petals scattered all over the room, fresh flowers, a cake, 50 balloons, champagne, wine glasses, chocolates, and soft romantic music playing with the lights dimmed with only little white Christmas lights in the silk trees. I even had it arranged for us to be served breakfast in bed. When he walked in the room he was thrilled! We had provisions for bubble baths in the original antique claw footed tub, plush bathrobes and breakfast served every morning by a gourmet chef. He will never forget this anniversary!
~submitted by Heather

Anniversary Days
Anniversaries can be measured in days or weeks instead of years. After 20 days of separation from my love I sent her a 20th anniversary card
with emerald earrings since emerald is the recognized gem for 20 year anniversaries.
~submitted by joe gossett

Anniversary Dinner With Flair
For our 12th Anniversary I hired a personal Cook to come into our home and cook my husband his favorite meal and Dessert and also hired a harpist to play the harp while we were being served. As he got home from work he was so surprised to hear the music coming from inside the house and enter in to see a harpists and a cook - he absolutely loved it and was very surprised - He said he didn't know how I would top this the following year!!!
~submitted by Tiny

Anniversary Gifts
For our one-year anniversary I got my love polo pajamas and I had them monogrammed with his name on the pocket. I also had his initials put onto his pants as well as a special quote and our date on the inside of the cuff. I am making him a heart booklet that consists of 2 rings (like the kind on desk calendars) and I’m going to fill it with 365 hand-size hearts that I’m cutting out of construction paper. The title of the booklet is, "365 Reasons Why I Love You". I bought some really nice, gold morning glory stationery on which I’m writing him a 7-page note, and I bought him a really nice Hallmark card...He’s worth everything a little shortie like me can give him!
~submitted by Sweetie


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