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What Is Your Heart IQ ?



For a happy, successful life, some say it's feeling rather than thinking that counts.....

How emotionally intelligent are you?


Note : Please have writing materials with you to jot down your score.

1) Do you get mood swings?

a) yes, frequently

b) a bit

c) not really


2)Are you aware of your emotions?

a) yes, all the time

b) no, I don't think about them much.

c) only sometimes

3) Do you feel confident of the course your life's taking?

a) not really

b) yes, the whole time

c) sometimes

4) Do you rely on intuition?

a) no, I think things through.

b) yes, constantly

c) I'm quite balanced between thinking and feeling.

5) Are you confident of the impression you make?

a) usually

b) yes, I never have to worry

c) no, I'm often unsure

6) Is making friends easy?

a) often

b) rarely

c) sometimes

7) Do you have a gut feeling about people you meet?
a) no, I prefer to get to know someone before judging

b) yes

c) not always

8) Do you understand people at an emotional level?

a) sometimes

b) always

c) not really

9) Is what you own more important than who you are?

a) yes

b) no

c) I think both are important

10) Do animals befriend you?

a) no, they seem to dislike me

b) sometimes

c) yes, animals take to me

11) Can anger be a useful emotion in a relationship?

a) yes, to get stuff off my chest

b) no, it doesn't solve anything

c) I get angry but feel guilty

12) Do you often keep your cool?

a) no, I always tend to lose it

b) sometimes, I do let go

c) yes, I don't show emotions

What Is My Heart IQ?


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